Crew Cyphers 2017 – Stockholm

Stockholm vs Pelle Pelle

We’re back at it again with a new Pelle Pelle Crew Cypher.

This year we’ve changed the concept a bit and went over the strait to our Swedish neighbours in Stockholm.

We feel there’s a need to build some bridges between our Scandinavian brothers and what better way to do that than through the music.

We have followed the Swedish rap scene for a long time and think there’s so much potential that we simply must show you some of it.

Therefore we have put together a great mix of incarnate and upcoming rappers from the Swedish music scene.

We hope that you will welcome our Swedish brothers and help build rap bridges across the languages here in Scandinavia.

Share the cypher on Facebook, spread the word to your friends and vote your favourite rapper for this year’s Crew Cypher final!

Who was your favourite?

Afstemning slutter:

  • REZ (43 %, 35 stemmer)
  • Malcolm B (26 %, 21 stemmer)
  • Gedi Gedz (18 %, 15 stemmer)
  • Adam Kanyama (9 %, 7 stemmer)
  • Lamix (5 %, 4 stemmer)

Antal stemmer: 82

Stockholm Crew

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