Interview: Harrison First

Harrison First er ude med opfølgeren til hans debut-ep Wilma, hvor han teamer op med den svenske sangskriver Neimy og svenske producer JEWL på den hjertevridende, pop-afro single “Heart of steel”.

New York / svensker Harrison First startede sin karriere med at producere for navne som Teflon Sega, NYNE, Saint Jhn, Shirazee blandt andre, inden han begyndte at udgive som artist i eget navn. Herefter begyndte Harrison First hurtigt at tiltrække opmærksomhed for sin downtempo, cinematiske lyd med 808s til at underbygge hvert drop i omkvædet – inspireret af musikgenren ambient, som fokuserer på lydenes klangfarve fremført specielt for at fremkalde en atmosfærisk, visuel lyd, som især kommer til udtryk på ep’en “Wilma”. 

Singlen “Heart of steel” blander pop og afro-inspirerede trommer samtidig med guitar, synths og RnB referencer.

Læs mere om singlen og lær Harrison First bedre at kende i Interviewet herunder!!

Who is Harrison First?

– “Music producer, songwriter and artist. I started out making beats for rappers and emailing them and now im an artist creating records I like with artist I support from countries I never thought I would go to”.

When and how did start making music?

– “I started early. Started out as a drummer in my middle school and high school and then my mentor introduced me to music production”. 

Do you have any special thoughts about the visual side of your music?

– “When I make music I look at it as a movie. I seen scenes and scripts and actors. Soon im going to do more in that lane because its what i enjoy”. 

What matters to ypu making music?

– “When making music the only thing that matters to me is that the music is good. Even if I dont like the person I am working with or if I really love the person I am working with, I want to make sure I can connect to the music and feel inspired by it”.

Tell us about your new song “Heart of steel”?

– “Heart of Steel is a great example of me really liking the people I worked with on this song and also loving the final product we produced. I had a session in a place northern sweden where I met NEIMY and I wanted her to play me some of the stuff she has been working on. When she placed an accoustic version of heart of steel I went crazy. I told her I had to get my hands on this and produce the song. So we ended up making it happen. Then in the end we had JEWL, who is a new producer throw some sauce on it and thats when we created the next big summer vibe in the pop rhythmic lane”.

Tell us about some of the people you work with?

– “Some of my most frequent collaborators is a song writer from Australia named NYNE, shes amazing. Some young guys from Copenhagen names Rosegold who will most likely be the biggest thing to come out of Denmark. Ive worked a lot with Teflon Sega and have some material on his latest album. But, the person I am most excited about working with recently is Angie, her brand and vision excites me and we will be doing an EP together”.

What holds the future?

– “Im doing another art music exhibition in Sweden, ding an EP with Angie, and continuing working on music”.  

Anything you would like to add?

– “Live everyday likes its your first. JNRY FIRST”. 

Hør “Heart of steel” her.