PREMIERE: Sweatshop “Hurricane”

Vi er superstolte over at kunne præsentere videopremieren på Sweatshops nye single “Hurricane”. Se med nedenunder og rul længere ned for at læse et interview med sangeren i trioen, Jonas Rendbo.

What is the song Hurricane about?
It’s about a woman who’s a little bit dangerous. She’s like a hurricane, destroying everything on her way. It’s a bit of a warning song.

Is this based on any personal experiences?
I can only speak for myself, and I will have to say ‘no comment’

Give us 3 quick facts about the video?
It didnt cost anything to make. I shot the video in 30 min on my iPhone in Vesterbro. The girl is Sally, and I guess she fits the description. She used to work at Playground Music, when I released my first album with them in 2005. They will now be releasing the new Sweatshop album.

You used to be with the french label Underdog Records. Tell us about your new set-up?
Yes, we had a good long run with Underdog. They got us good airplay on the 3 singles from our previous album, on some of the biggest national radios in both France, Belgium and Switzerland. We also did a lot of touring there at festivals and cool music venues. Now we have a worldwide deal with Playground Music, and are negotiating partnerships in different territories with labels, booking agents and marketing companies.

You have a new album coming out on the 23rd of June. What should we be expecting to hear?
I think Sweatshop has always had its own sound. It is based on hip hop and soul, but we also draw on funk, jazz, reggae, r&b and some other stuff. To not make it too confusing, we just call it soul hop. I think a lot of our music is trying to express something important, and we like to let our songs have some substance. If we can, we want to be the voice of the people. To inspire and unite. At other times, we just want to warn you about the hurricane…